OpenExchange is like seeing clearly for the first time

The financial services industry hasn’t made it easy on external collaboration. We’ve relied on travel to remote locations and hollow conference calls to engage with industry counterparts.

OpenExchange has finally solved this riddle for institutional investment professionals by enabling safe real-time collaboration within a trusted community of authenticated industry practitioners.

It's secure from top to bottom
A multi-layer security architecture designed specifically for financial services ensures only authenticated users and only secure, compliant interactions.

It's built for the way you work
By extending your existing workflows to a simple application that allows you to find, coordinate and engage with industry counterparts.

It's adaptable to your environment
Providing both embedded HD video capabilities and seamless interoperability with your existing standards-based video systems.

It's accessible from wherever you are
From any conference room, desktop or mobile device and it doesn’t require participants to be using the same video platform.

How is OpenExchange different?
It allows IT to get out of the way — once you're set up on OpenExchange, internal and external video collaboration is a click away. No more IT requests to set up meetings.

It's unlike anything you've used before
Unlike other collaboration solutions, OpenExchange was purpose-built to serve the unique needs of financial service professionals.


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Why you need to join

OpenExchange bridges the geographic divide to extend your reach and make you more productive.
OpenExchange makes it easy to find and engage with your industry counterparts.
OpenExchange enables secure, trusted collaboration, designed for regulated industries.
OpenExchange streamlines corporate access and other B2B workflows.