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Open ExchangeFor financial services companies, meetings and relationships are what make business happen. That means lots of time on the road and even more time suffering through conference calls. At OpenExchange, we think there’s a better way. A more efficient and effective way for institutional investment professionals to connect and engage with industry counterparts. OpenExchange is a cloud-based service that combines the simplicity of desktop video conferencing with the access of a trusted industry network and the assurance of secure industry workflows.

OpenExchange has created a secure real-time community for institutional investment professionals to discover authorized contacts, coordinate availability and engage in immediate and scheduled meetings from any desktop, mobile device or conference room. The result is a trusted exchange for financial communications that safely spans organizational boundaries, extending your reach and making you more efficient, more effective and more connected as an institutional investment professional.

Unlock the richness of in-person meetings, wherever you are

OpenExchange collapses organizational and geographic boundaries for better communication and collaboration with industry colleagues and counterparts.

What this means for you depends on your business, but many OpenExchange members see substantial improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the following scenarios:

Corporate Access
Allows buy- and sell-side firms to improve issuer access and reach
Sales and Marketing
Easily ties in influential experts for efficient participation in sales calls
Improves the quality of research calls for better industry and issuer insights
Brings together distributed participants for fast, inclusive decisions
Instant Collaboration
Quickly assemble on-site and remote employees for group work


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Why you need to join

OpenExchange bridges the geographic divide to extend your reach and make you more productive.
OpenExchange makes it easy to find and engage with your industry counterparts.
OpenExchange enables secure, trusted collaboration, designed for regulated industries.
OpenExchange streamlines corporate access and other B2B workflows.